Behind The Scenes

Here For Us

Here For Us recognizes and validates the most prevalent COVID-19 vaccine concerns among the Black/African American community in the State of Washington. This initiative is created in a transparent manner that is unique to Black culture. The inspiration for this effort is steeped in truth that uses facts to help dispel the misinformation that has led to lagging vaccination rates among us.

The approach taken is to let the audience know that getting the vaccine is an individual's choice, while combating real fears to help make their decision. Told in an honest and authentic way, coupled with vaccine education, this campaign is created by the community. We are meeting our community on a level playing field in hopes that the truth will allow one to make a choice about vaccination that is informed by science and shared experiences.

Who We Are

The Here For Us campaign was designed by a team of energetic Black creatives, health educators, and community engagement specialists brought together by the Washington State Department of Health. The entire team is passionate about working together to celebrate and showcase Black voices in hopes of changing the narrative to influence community and culture.

These are our stories, told with our own voice, inspiring us to make our own choice.


The success of the Here for Us and We Consider campaigns proves that when we lead with community voices and influence, we have a far more significant impact on positive health behaviors.

Remeka J.

I was excited about this unique project from the moment I was invited to join the creative team. The opportunity to create a campaign that appeals to Black and African Americans historical trauma, intellect and spirituality can be a daunting task. From the ads, commercials and website; I was convinced that Love and Truth would be the strongest argument to Fear and Lies... and the results prove it.

Sederrick R.

It is an excellent example of putting yourself in your audience's shoes and working alongside them to co-create their own solutions. We've built a new journey that we hope will address the ongoing mistrust with the public health care system.

Rael O.

It has been a joy to work on this campaign on so many levels. First, to help influence the enhancement of the health and wellbeing of the Black community. Secondly, but equally as gratifying is the pleasure that I’ve had working with such creative and hardworking Black people behind the scenes. It’s an experience that I will not forget.

DeeSha C.

The journey to a targeted campaign was so uplifting. Working with a team of black professionals, alongside others, who labored passionately in their gifts and skills to help the community, makes the positive outcome of the effort even sweeter. It definitely feels like a historic moment.

Jharman L.

It was an absolute honor and pleasure working with a strong group of black creatives to deliver something we can all be proud of. Through this campaign, the goal was to bring healing to our past and truth to the present that will empower our people to make a decision for our future. It was to help not just one, but all.

Cheryl R.

The horrors, sins, and troubles of the past have shaped this community, but WE won’t continue to let it define us. This website...This website right here is OUR social roadmap to achieving our democratic ideals, so that we as Black people have the opportunity to thrive in a world that wasn’t built for us. We aren't seeking perfection, but we can collectively rebuild ourselves and continue to set the standard for those to come.

Kiwana C.

It was empowering being able to create work that not only validated the history of our culture's mistrust of the system. I'm proud of how we came together to ultimately encourage healing in our community. It's who we are. We're always dishing out healers, and I applaud everyone involved in this project for taking a stand.

Sam K.

For me this project felt like I was a part of History. When we look back at these moments, I’ll be proud to say that I had a part to do with helping our community understand and battle the Covid-19 Virus.

Justin J.

Having dealt with loss within my own family due to COVID-19, I was ecstatic to use my talent in an initiative that would dispel misconceptions about this deadly virus for people within my community.

Ari R.

We want to make sure that everyone isn’t getting THEIR answer.
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